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             Faith is Like Chocolate

     You probably don’t remember your very first taste of chocolate. Most likely it came from your grandma, Sunday School teacher, or the nice lady at the bank. Where you got it isn’t important. Why you ate it is.

     Think about it; chocolate isn’t the prettiest thing to look at. A little slab of brown stuff with lines and words on it, or a small cylinder-shaped piece of brown goo (aka the Tootsie Roll®) doesn’t even look very appetizing.

      So…why did you eat the chocolate? You ate it because you trusted the person who gave it to you when they told you how good it would be. And when you discovered they were right, instead of trusting the person who gave you the chocolate, your faith was now in the chocolate-to always taste like…well, chocolate!

     ​Faith in God is a lot like eating chocolate. The first time you trusted God, you probably did it because someone told you to. But after that, you have faith because you see that God really does take care of us.

 ...I said earlier that being a mother automatically gives you your fair share of treasures. But there is something else a mother has; the knowledge that the years between holding your newborn in your arms and trying to hold on for a moment longer as they go out on their own, pass by in little more than a heartbeat. Try as we might, we can do nothing to slow or stop the passing of time. But we can (and should) store up and pass along our memories so that those we love will know the joy they brought into our life. Giving your children the gift of their childhood memories through your eyes is one of the most precious and valuable gifts you can give them. In doing so you are declaring your unconditional love for them. You are saying you will love them through all things, in spite of all things and not because of anything they do, but just because they are them.
                             ~Please Pass the Memories​
Spiritual insight often comes in the most unexpected of ways. For me, it has been the years I spent as a shepherd. Yes, the kind of shepherd that takes care of sheep.

The barn and pastures have served as my ‘spiritual classrooms’ as I watch and care for our sheep. I understand that this might seem strange to most people-given the fact that sheep are often thought of as mindless and dumb. After all, what could a sheep possibly teach anyone, right? Wrong!

The words on the pages of this book are the result of many of the “Oh… now I see what you mean” moments-moments when God uses these unpretentious animals to teach me the truth of his word and its relevance in my life. 

                            ~Excerpt from "Through the Eyes of a Shepherd"

Bubba, Thanks for Asking...

With four children you can be sure things could get pretty loud and chaotic in our house at times. Believe me, I've heard my share of 'he did...' and 'she did it first...' and 'she took my...' and 'tell him to stop' and...well, you get the picture.

But there were plenty of good times, too; times when it was obvious they would rather be together than anywhere else and times when their love for one another was bigger and louder than any argument they ever had. Thankfully the good times were more plentiful than the not-so-good ones, but one such moment I know I will never forget happened one night when Zach took Emma on a 'date'...

We had spent most of the week showing livestock at the fair. The fair ended on Saturday night. We had taken the animals home and had gotten everything put away when Zach, who was sixteen, asked if he could go back to the demolition derby and if he could take four year-old Emma with him. We agreed, but said they couldn't stay too late. And off they went.

They came home a little after ten. Emma was obviously sleepy and immediately started toward her bedroom. But then she stopped, turned around, came back to Zach and said, "Bubba, thanks for asking me to go with you tonight." And without a moment's hesitation, Zach said, "You're welcome, Emma and thanks for going with me."

My heart just melted. They really did love each other. They still do.

If you have more than one child there are times when everyone in your house isn't getting along. That's just the way it is. Siblings argue. They fight (sometimes physically). Again...that's just the way it is. parents we need to teach our children to love one another and to watch out for one another. We have the responsibility to teach our children that siblings are their forever-friends and that no one will ever be able to fill that spot in their heart.


Momma D
I've been teaming up with Mendon Cottage Books for the last several months on a series of how-to e-books for gardeners and hobby farmers...

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